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Chicago City Council Proceedings Files, 1833–1871 — Thesaurus


H. Buckley and Company
H. Norton and Company
H. Spencer
H. Warner and Co.
H.H. Magee and Co.
H.H. Magie and Co.
H.T. Dickey Co.
Haag, George
Haas, L.
Haas, Lewis
Haas, Ludwick
Haas, Ludwig
Hachfeld, August
Hack, J.A.
Hack, Jacob
Hackmen's Association
Haddack, Benjamin
Haddock Place
Haddock St.
Haddock, E.H.
Haddock, Edward H.
Haddon Place
Hadduck, A.
Hadduck, E.H.
Hadley, E.H.
Hadly, Timothy
Hagan, Cornelius
Hageman, F.C.
Hagemann, F.C.
Hagenauer, Bernhardt
Hager, Luther G.
Hagerman, Frederick C.
Hagerty, C.R.
Haggerty, A.P.
Haggerty, M.A.
Haglund, Frederick
Hagunin, Robert
Hagwine, Charles
Hahn, Charles
Hahn, Henry S.
Hahn, James
Hahn, James A. (Dr.)
Haight, E.H.
Haines St.
Haines, John C.
Haines, Richard T.
Hale, Charles
Hale, Edward
Hale, J.P.
Hale, John
Hale, N.G.
Hale, Thomas
Hall, A.
Hall, A.L.
Hall, Amos
Hall, C.J.
Hall, Charles
Hall, E.G.
Hall, E.H.
Hall, Edward
Hall, James
Hall, Jenny
Hall, Nathan
Hall, Sanford
Hallam, Isaac
Halleck St.
Hallenberg, John
Hallermann, William
Hallinan, Michael
Hallman, Wilhelmina
Halpin, Thomas
Halsted St.
Halverson, E.
Hambach, Joseph
Hambleton, Chalkey J.
Hamel, Rosalie
Hamerick, Michael
Hamilton Ave.
Hamilton Brooks and Co.
Hamilton Fuller and Co.
Hamilton House
Hamilton Place
Hamilton St.
Hamilton, Edward
Hamilton, H.S.
Hamilton, I.G.
Hamilton, J.
Hamilton, James
Hamilton, James G.
Hamilton, Nathan K.
Hamilton, R.J.
Hamilton, Richard J.
Hamilton, Robert P.
Hamilton, S.H.
Hamilton, Stewart
Hamilton, Thomas E.
Hamilton, W.H.
Hamlin and Lay
Hammer, Henry
Hammill, Robert C.
Hammond St.
Hammond, C.G.
Hammond, Henry
Hammond, James
Han, L.C.
Hanchett, J.
Hancock, John
Hancock, John S.
Hanes, James
Haney, C.
Hanford, Edwin H.
Hankins, William H.
Hanley, D.C.
Hanley, Patrick
Hanlon, Edward
Hanlon, Michael
Hanly, Thomas
Hannah Lay and Company
Hannah, James M.
Hannahs, James
Hannegan, James
Hannegan, John
Hanneman and Company
Hannis, George W.
Hanover St.
Hanrahan, John
Hansen, George P.
Hanson, Jacob
Hanson, Joseph
Hantoon, Charles
Happel, John
Harbach, George R.
Harback, George
Harback, George B.
Harback, George R.
Harbine St.
Harbor Masters
Harbor St.
Harbuck, G.R.
Hardcastle, Thomas
Hardin Place
Hardin, John
Harding Place
Harding, Seth W.
Harding, Thomas
Harkis, John
Harle, Nicholas
Harlow, Philip
Harman, R.L.
Harmon and Loomis
Harmon Court
Harmon, C.L.
Harmon, Isaac
Harmon, J.
Harmoneon Troupe
Harmonia Lodge
Harness Shops
Harper and Tweeddale
Harper St.
Harper, D.
Harper, John
Harper, William
Harrington, Daniel
Harrington, John
Harrington William
Harriott, Benjamin
Harris and Summerfield
Harris, Charles
Harris, Jacob
Harris, John
Harris, Joseph
Harris, Mary
Harris, U.P.
Harrison St.
Harrison's Diorama
Harrison, Carter
Harrison, Carter H.
Harrison, George
Harrison, H.
Harrison, Henry
Harrison, John
Harrison, John C.
Harrison, Robert
Harrison, William
Harry St.
Harry, James
Hart St.
Hart, A.
Hart, George W.
Hart, Henry
Hart, Louis
Hart, Ozias
Hartford Fire Insurance
Hartford, Connecticut
Hartman, George A.
Hartmann, F.
Hartmann, Theo
Hartnett, John
Hartshorn, C.E.
Harvey, Alonzo
Harvey, Andrew
Harvey, T.W.
Harvie, Andrew
Haslet, William
Haslett, Peter
Hass, L.
Hassefeld, Christian
Hassett, John
Hastings St.
Hastings, E.P.
Hastings, H.
Hatch House
Hatch, David
Hatch, Heman
Hatch, Herman
Hatch, Thomas
Hatendorf, Fred
Hatfield, J.P.
Hathaway, Franklin
Hathaway, William
Hatheway, F.
Hatting, William
Hatton, Thomas
Hatton, William G.
Haussner, Charles
Haven, Carlos
Haven, Charles (Mrs.)
Haven, John
Haven, Luther
Haven, S.R.
Haverty, John
Hawes and Mabie
Hawk St.
Hawkings, Mary
Hawks and Armstrong
Hawks, James
Hawley, C.M.
Hawley, D.C.
Hawley, Don C.
Hawley, John
Hawthorn, C.G.
Hawthorne Ave.
Hawthorne St.
Hawthorne, G.C.
Hay Markets
Hay Presses
Hay Scales
Hay Stands
Hay Weighers
Hayden, Pierce
Hayden, R. Nelson
Hayes and Johnson
Hayes, Dennis
Hayes, S.
Hayes, S.S.
Hayes, Samuel J.
Hayes, William B.
Hayne, Thomas
Haynes, Charles
Haynes, Eunice
Haynes, G.H.
Hays, B.F.
Hays, Benjamin F.
Hays, Stephen
Hayward, A.J.
Hayward, A.P.
Hayward, Arby P.
Haywood, A.J.
Heacock, Russell E.
Heacock, W.O.
Head, M.J.
Heade, M.
Heald and Waterhouse
Heald, A.H.
Heald, Alexander H.
Heald, Daniel
Heald, H.N.
Healey, James
Healey, John J.
Health Officers
Healy Slough
Healy, Ann
Healy, James
Healy, James F.
Healy, John J.
Healy, P.C.
Healy, Robert
Heaney, Christopher
Heaphy, Martin B.
Hearne, James
Hearson, William
Hearth, Daniel
Heartt, Abraham
Heartt, Daniel B.
Heath and Hurd
Heath and Smith Company
Heath, Monroe
Hebrew Benevolent Society
Hebrew Congregation
Hebrew Relief Association
Hebrew Relief Society
Hebron, O.C.
Heenan, Daniel
Heer, Arnold
Heffern, Thomas
Heffron, William
Heinhaus, William Luther
Heisch, Caspar
Heisl, P.J.
Heitz, Andrew
Helberg, William
Held, Christian
Held, Jacob
Heller, George
Hellmann, Andreas
Helm St.
Helmcamp, C.F.H.
Helmuth, C.A.
Henderson, G.L. (Dr.)
Henderson, James
Henderson, Joseph
Hendric, W.A.
Hendrick, William C.
Hendricks, Benjamin
Hendricks, Joseph N.
Hendricks, William 0.
Hendrie and Treleaven Co.
Hendrie, William A.
Hendriks, H.A.
Henneberry, John
Hennessy, Thomas
Hennis, T.W.
Henricks, Joseph N.
Henricks, William 0.
Henrotin, Charles
Henry St.
Henry, Alexander
Henry, Hugh K.
Henry, John
Henry, William
Hensel, Ernst
Hensel, Jacob
Henshaw and Shaw
Henshaw Ave.
Hepp, Charles
Herbert, Francis
Herbst, Louis
Herbstzuber, Conrad
Herleky, David
Hermitage Ave.
Hermitage St.
Herr, August W.
Herr, C.
Herrenkind, B.
Herrick, E.W.
Herrick, William B.
Herting and Lynch
Herting, Frederick
Herting, John
Hertold, Heinrik
Hervey, James
Hervey, Robert
Herzog, Joseph
Herzog, Max
Hesse, Robert
Hettich, Z.
Hettick, L.
Hettinger, John
Hibbard, Charles
Hibbard, John R.
Hibernian Benevolent Soc
Hickey, Cornelius
Hickey, Hannah
Hickey, John
Hickey, Michael
Hickey, Patrick
Hickey, Patrick J.
Hickey, Richard
Hickman, Peter
Hickory St.
Hicks, Philip
Higgin, John
Higgins and Beckworth
Higgins, Charles
Higgins, E.
Higgins, F.
Higgins, Francis
Higgins, H.M.
Higgins, John
Higgins, N.S.
Higgins, P.
Higgins, Patrick
Higgins, Van H.
Higginson, George M.
High Schools
High St.
High, Henry L.
High, John
Hildebrand, W.
Hildreth, James H.
Hill and Smith
Hill St.
Hill, Charles C.
Hill, Edward
Hill, H.B.
Hill, Henry S.
Hill, John
Hill, Mathew
Hill, Robert B.
Hill, Robert G.
Hill, Thomas
Hilliard, L.P.
Hillman, Louis
Hillmann Andrew
Hills and Garrick
Hills St.
Hills, H.S.
Hilton, John M.K.
Hiltz, Phillip
Hinchliff, William
Hinckley, S.T.
Hines, Austin
Hines, James
Hinman St.
Hinsdale St.
Hinton, Isaac
Hirley, James
Hirsch, Adolph M.
Hirsch, Casper
Hirsch, Henry
Hirsch, Sophus
Hirsh, Moses
Hiscus, Joseph
Hissey, William
Hitchcock, A.
Hitchcock, Arthur
Hitchcock, Horatio
Hitchcock, Sylvester S.
Hitching Places
Hitz, M.
Hoard, L.D.
Hoard, Louis D.
Hoard, Samuel
Hobbie St.
Hobbie, A.G.
Hobbs, Charles
Hobby, G.C.
Hobby, Henry
Hobie, A.G.
Hock, George
Hoctor, Bridgett
Hodges, William
Hodgson, Charles
Hodgson, John H.
Hodgson, William
Hodnut, Robert
Hoeffgen and Schneider
Hoeffgen, Robert
Hoes, James H.
Hoevel, Charles
Hoey St.
Hoff, Mathias
Hoff, Matthias
Hoffart, Peter
Hoffman, Charles
Hoffman, Francis A.
Hoffmeister, H.
Hogan, H.
Hogan, J.C.
Hogan, John
Hogan, John C.
Hogan, John S.C.
Hogan, Joseph
Hogan, Julia
Hogan, Michael
Hogan, Peter S.
Hogan, William
Hogeman, Mathias
Hogg, Edward H.
Hohner, Johanus
Hohnes, E.B.
Hoisington and Stacey
Hoisington, William R.
Hokns, John
Holacher, Margaret
Holbrook and Company
Holbrook, Thomas
Holbrook, William
Holden, A.H.
Holden, C.N.
Holden, Charles C.P.
Holden, Charles N.
Holderness, Joseph
Holderness, S.J.
Hollan, John
Holland, Henry
Hollingsworth, E.W.
Hollister, G.W.
Hollister, John H. (Dr.)
Holloway, Charles
Holmes, C.E.
Holmes, Frederick
Holmes, Ira
Holmes, James
Holmes, Joseph
Holsman, George
Holstein St.
Holt St.
Holt, D.R.
Holt, John T.
Holton, Patrick
Holtz, Christian
Holtz, Wilhelm
Holway, Charles
Holy Family Church
Home of the Friendless
Honger, Christian
Honore and Bradley
Honore St.
Hood and Gallagher
Hooke, E.G.
Hooker St.
Hooker, J.W.
Hoosier Ave.
Hope St.
Hopes, James
Hopkins, Horace
Hopkins, Joseph
Hopkins, S.C.
Hopkinson, Charles F.
Hopson, Joseph
Horan, Jeremiah
Horn, Lewis
Horner and Crone
Horrigan, Timothy
Horse Races
Horton, D.
Horton, John W.
Hose Carts
Hoskin, S.E.
Hosmer, Charles B.
Hotchkiss, Charles T.
Hottinger J.
Houch, George
Hough, O.S.
Hough, R.M.
Hough, William
Houghterling, W.D.
Houghton, Harriet B.
Houghton, Royal
Houghton, Seaborn
House of Good Shepherd
House St.
Hovel, Charles
Hovey, Almond
Howard St.
Howard, A.J.
Howard, B.C.
Howard, Ellen
Howard, G.W.
Howard, S.G.D.
Howard, Samuel
Howe St.
Howe, A.
Howe, Asa
Howe, F.A.
Howe, Frederick A.
Howe, James
Howe, John W.
Howe, Rose
Howe, William
Howes and Mabie
Howes and Sands
Howlett, George
Hoyne St.
Hoyne, P.A.
Hoyne, Philip A.
Hoyne, Thomas
Hoyt, J.I.
Hoyt, J.Q.
Hoyt, L.H. (Brig. Gen.)
Hranizky, Louis
Hubbard Court
Hubbard St.
Hubbard, Elijah
Hubbard, G.S.
Hubbard, H.G.
Hubbard, Henry
Hubbard, Henry G.
Hubbard, James H.
Hubbard, Moses
Hubbard, Thomas R.
Huber, H.L.
Huber, Henry S.
Huck, Anton
Huck, James
Huddleston, James
Hugh and Dickey
Hughes, John
Hughes, Robert
Hughes, Susan
Hughes, William T.
Hugle, Peter
Hugunin, Hiram
Hugunin, James R.
Hugunin, John R.
Hugunin, Leonard
Hugunin, Peter D.
Hugunin, Robert
Hulbert, E.B.
Hulbert, Eri B.
Hull St.
Hull, C.J.
Hulme and White
Hunneman and Co.
Hunt St.
Hunt, Charles F.
Hunt, Charles H.
Hunt, Edwin
Hunt, George W.
Hunt, Joseph
Hunt, Reuben
Hunt, W.C.
Hunt W.F.
Hunter and Brothers
Hunter and Company
Huntington and Prost
Huntington, A.
Huntington, Alonzo
Huntley, N.W.
Huntoon, Charles
Huntoon, George M.
Hunzie, Fred
Hurd, H.B.
Hurges, John
Hurkes, John
Hurlbut St.
Huron St.
Hurson, Edward
Hutchason, N.A.
Hutchins and McFarland
Hutchinson Family Vocals
Hutchinson, Jane
Huth, Isabel
Huth, Jacob
Huttich, Friederick
Huttinger, John
Hyde, Alfred
Hyman, Benedict
Hynbeck, John
Hynes, Austin