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Aggressive, Distracted and Drowsy Driving

Distracted Driving

Illinois law prohibits the use of handheld cellphones and sending or reading electronic communications (text messages) while operating a motor vehicle. The use of hands free or Blue Tooth cellphone technology is allowed by persons over age 18.

Even using hands-free technology is considered a distraction while driving and can be dangerous. If you must make a phone call, even if you have hands-free technology, it is recommended that you pull off to the side of the road before making the call.

Illinois drivers are only exempt from cell phone use and text messaging while driving when:

Drivers who are in a crash resulting from distracted driving may face criminal penalties and incarceration

View the 2008 Distracted Driving Task Force Final Report

Drowsy Driving

Another hazard of roadway driving is drowsiness. Lack of sleep, fatigue or inattentiveness affects your ability to safely operate your vehicle. When taking a long trip, avoid drowsiness by stopping frequently to drink coffee, exercise or nap. Exercise your eyes by reading road signs or shifting the focus of your eyes to different parts of the roadway. Make sure you are properly rested.

Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving is the operation of a motor vehicle in a manner that endangers or is likely to endanger persons or property. Persons doing any of the following may be committing acts of aggressive driving and pose risk of a crash:

Avoid aggressive drivers and potentially dangerous situations. If you encounter an angry or aggressive motorist: