Live and Learn Construction Grant Program Illinois State Library


The Live and Learn Construction Grant Program, funded by an annual state legislative appropriation, assists public libraries with construction costs in their facilities. Grants are awarded based on recommendations from a statewide committee following a review process. Local money is matched by state grants, except for Mini-Grants.

Application Forms and Supplementary Information

Reporting Forms


Remodeling for Accessibility — Grant award range: $2,500-$50,000

Mini-Grants — Grant award range: $2,500-$35,000

New Construction/Remodeling — Grant award range: $25,000-$125,000

Eligibility Requirements

Supporting Documentation

The following supporting documentation is required, when applicable, and must be submitted as Portable Document Format (PDF) attachments or on a CD/DVD-ROM and may be submitted separately from the application.

The Illinois State Library does not make recommendations for contractors, engineers, architects or building consultants. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Informational Webinars

Legal Authority

Program Impact in FY 2017

Total Dollars Awarded

$865,858 Live and Learn Fund

Number of Grants Awarded Number of People Served



The Marseilles Public Library received an Accessibility grant to make modifications to their 112 year-old Carnegie building that include the installation of a pedestrian lift to provide access to the library, restroom renovations and computer work station modifictions to meet ADA standards

The DuQuoin Public Library received a Mini-Grant to replace the library’s 49 year-old windows with dual pain tinted thermal windows to increase energy efficiency and to eliminate water leakage.

The Lake Villa District Library received a New Construction/Remodeling grant to construct a new 64,000 square foot library.


For more information about public library construction grants, you may call 800-665-5576, Option 2 or email