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Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant projects engage Illinois residents through library technology, programs and services for lifelong learning, and services to persons having difficulty using libraries.

Use of the federal funds is outlined in Illinois' Long Range Plan for the Use of LSTA for a sustainable impact on library services for residents of Illinois:



Specific offerings may limit eligibility:

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Program Impact in FY2015

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Through Project Next Generation, an after-school program offered to students in grades 6-12, students are given the opportunity to experience and learn new technologies at the Joliet Public Library. The program inspires creativity while teaching skills that assist students in their post-graduation lives. Students participate in hands-on weekly lessons and forums learning about videography, film, and synthesized sound/music. Students gain knowledge on the virtual world of 3D modeling and 3D printing. Engineering, physical and digital creation, multi-media recording and audio visual editing are some of the topics explored. With technology as the tool, students increase confidence as they achieve success through project based learning.

To provide better library services for the residents in Illinois, the Statewide Public Library Management Institute (SPLMI) is held annually as a weeklong institute for public library directors at the University of Illinois Springfield. The Institute provides public library administrators with a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities and the skills they need to better serve their constituents. Topics range from legal and budgeting issues to policy development, programs, disaster planning, building safety, leadership, customer services and personnel. Opportunities for networking, teambuilding and discussion provide the platform for intensive work and professional growth. Participants learned how to improve their library so that they and their staff become more effective in meeting the needs of patrons, their communities and all residents in Illinois.

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For more information about the LSTA grant program, please call 217-524-8836.

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