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Public Library Construction Act Grant Program

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Purpose and Outcomes

Public Library Construction Act Grants provide state matching funding to support design and new construction, remodeling, renovation or maintenance of public libraries in Illinois. Created as part of the 2009 state capital construction plan, the legislation creating this grant program (P.A. 96-37) requires the SOS/ISL to create standards that prioritize grant awards in one of five project categories and provide state grant funding of from 35% to 75% of allowable construction costs based upon the public library’s position on a grant index determined by the assessed value of all property within the library’s boundaries.

FY2014 Appropriation

No appropriation has been made at this time.

Eligible Applicants

Public libraries recognized by the State Library as being full members in a regional library system. Public Libraries must also qualify for state per capita grant funding and participate in Inter-system Reciprocal Borrowing.

Range of Award

Formula based: no greater than 75% and not less than 35% of the eligible project costs as calculated by a mathematical grant index formula included in the legal authority

Legal Authority

Program Impact in FY2013

FY2013 Reappropriation

Number of Applications Received

Total Dollars Awarded

Number of People Served

Capitol Needs Assessment Survey

The Secretary of State and the State Library must file with the General Assembly a comprehensive assessment of the capital needs of all public libraries every two years. The most recent report was filed with the General Assembly in December 2013.


For more information about Public Library Construction Act Grants, please call 217-524-4901.