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Continuing Education for Librarians

ILEAD USA: Illinois Librarians Explore, Apply and Discover

ILEAD USA: Innovative Librarians Explore, Apply and Discover is a continuing education library immersion program that cultivates both participatory technology skills building and leadership training, in order to increase exposure of services, engage libraries' constituents, and provide opportunities for collaborating on innovative projects.

Beginning in 2010, with grant funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), the ILEAD USA continuing education model fosters the development of team projects over a nine month period that combines intermittent face-to-face meetings with online technology training sessions. At the end of nine months, the ILEAD USA program culminates with formal presentations of team projects, which either extend beyond ILEAD USA to become ongoing library programs or the knowledge gained from ILEAD USA informs subsequent collaborative projects.

On the Front Lines Statewide Library Practitioners Conference

The purpose of this three day conference is to equip and enlighten frontline staff persons with training, exposure, the latest technology tools, and techniques that will enable them to effectively and efficiently meet the needs of their community. Keynote and concurrent sessions will address topics to help frontline staff serve and engage their communities within the framework of our multitype library system.

Statewide Public Library Management Institute

The Statewide Public Library Management Institute (SPLMI), held annually as a weeklong Institute, has the following mission: 1) to provide public library administrators with a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities; and 2) to provide public library administrators with the skills they need to better serve their constituents. Topics range from legal and budgeting issues to policy development, programs, disaster planning, building safety, leadership, customer service, and personnel. Opportunities for networking, teambuilding, and informal discussions provide the platform for intensive work and professional growth.