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Annual Library Certification Process

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Library Certification Web Portal

The deadline for completing the annual online library certification is March 31.


In compliance with Illinois Library Laws and Rules, the certification process is required to retain library system membership, system services and eligibility for ISL-sponsored grants [23 Ill. Adm. Code 3030.200].

Examples of Illinois State Library grants include public and school library per capita grants, construction grants, as well as grants to library systems (RAILS, IHLS, and CPLS), such as delivery and resource-sharing. Libraries applying for ISL grants are required to update any new contact information on an ongoing basis.

Please note that each year during April, regional library system boards take action to remove system membership for non-compliant or non-certifying libraries. Notification of this action will then be sent to the Illinois State Library for final approval.

Membership in a Library System

Libraries that wish to join the regional library system and that meet membership criteria can be approved as regional library system members throughout the year. The member application process includes:

Additional Information on the Library System Membership Application Process:

Supporting Resources


For more information about the annual library certification process, please call 800-665-5576, Option 2 or email