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Annual Library Certification FAQs

Does every library system member need to certify, every year?
Yes, every system member must certify, annually. The window for libraries to complete the online Annual Library Certification is January 2 through March 31.

My library is a Developmental Member – do I need to certify?
Yes, every library regardless of membership status needs to certify annually.

How do I login to the Annual Library Certification module?
The online certification module requires the agency Control Number and the main administrative branch number for each library system member. This information is available through L2. On L2, locate your library agency information and scroll through the information to find the Control Number, a 5-digit number. Main administrative branches are identified as 00 for public, academic, special, and private school libraries. Public school library administrative branches are identified as 99.

What happens if I miss the March 31 deadline?
After March 31, the library certification form will no longer be available. Library staff will need to contact their regional library system for assistance.

Does every library building need to certify?
No, the certification is done at the agency level (ex: school district). However, the building control number that is allowed to login to the library certification web portal must be the administrative headquarters building (control # ending in '00' for public, academic, and special libraries or ending in '99' for public school districts).

Some academic institutions have multiple administrative branch numbers with an ending of '00' and all branches with this ending number must certify individually.

Once I login, will any information about my library already be there?
Some library data may be present after login, but it may be out of date and need to be updated.

If my agency’s DUNS or FEIN number is already present, but is incorrect, can I change it?
No, it is not possible for the agency to change this information in the library certification online form. Please email the correct information, along with library name and control number to

If the 'institution email' is required and my institution does not have a generic email account, what do I input?
If there is no institution email available, the director’s personal email can be input.

Are all of the certification questions the same for all libraries?
There is a basic set of required questions for all libraries but also different questions depending on the type of library (academic, public, school, or special) and the membership status of each library (Full or Developmental).

If I answer 'no' to one or some of the certification questions, what happens?
A 'no' answer will generate a report and an email to both the library director (and certification contact name) and the regional library system staff. The library director should contact the system to determine next steps in the process.

Can I print a copy of my certification?
Yes, after completely answering all questions, there is the option to ‘Print’ the certification before final submission. It is recommended that you print and keep a copy in the event that questions arise about the process.

Will I get an email receipt verifying that the certification was submitted?
Yes, every time a certification is submitted, an automatic email will be sent to the director (and the certification contact person if that section is filled out). The email will state that the certification has been submitted. Also, in the event of unexpected answers, there may be an additional request for the library to further communicate with the regional library system.

How long will it take to complete the online certification form?
10-20 minutes.

Can I start and finish the certification form at different times?
No, at this time, there is no functionality in the certification module to allow the user to save their information/answers and return later to complete the form.