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Recommended Map Links

Ready Reference

JCS Zip and Area Code Lookup Sources
This is a free site for zip and area code searches. It will provide a list of all zip codes by county, for instance.

This is one site that provides a map when searching by address, produces directions between locations, and searches for services near an address.


Boundary and Annexation Survey (BAS) Shapefiles and Maps
Offers latest official boundary map of each Illinois city/town/village according to the Census Bureau’s Boundary and Annexation Survey (BAS).

District/Official Search-Illinois State Board of Elections
By just entering a nine digit zip-code, or an address and five digit zip-code, browsers can find their U.S. Senators, Congressman, all six state constitutional officers, their state senator and state representative.

Guide to Apportionment in Illinois, 1818-2001
This guide is a historical outline on legislative apportionment in Illinois. It includes maps for 1818-1854 and cites maps for 1861-2001 in the Illinois State Library’s collections.

Illinois Congressional District Maps and Boundary Descriptions
Includes downloadable maps and boundary descriptions of Illinois' 18 Congressional Districts from the 2011 Congressional Redistricting

Illinois Representative District Maps and Boundary Descriptions
This site provides maps and legal descriptions of Illinois' 118 State Representative Districts from the 2011 Legislative Redistricting.

Illinois Senate District Maps and Boundary Descriptions
This site provides maps and legal descriptions of Illinois' 59 State Senate Districts from the 2011 Legislative Redistricting.

Legislative Maps of Illinois
The 2 sheets of the General Assembly’s districts and the 2 sheets of Congressional districts are available here, one sheet for northeastern Illinois and another sheet for northeastern Illinois. Provided by the Illinois Department of Transportation.

P.L. 94-171 Voting District/State Legislative District Reference Maps (2010 Census)
The Census Bureau provides local voting district maps as of January 2010 for the entire country. The 2002-2012 state legislative districts are integrated with the voting district maps.

Redistricting in Illinois
This guide provides links to information on 2011 redistricting activities in Illinois.

School District Reference Maps (2010 Census)
The 2010 census provides county based school district maps for the nation.

State and County Subdivision Outline Maps (2000 Census)
The State/County Subdivision Outline Maps are a state-based map series produced to accompany the data contained in the 2000 Census of Population and Housing publications. These reference maps display the names and boundaries for the following geographic entities: counties, county subdivisions, places, consolidated cities and American Indian areas/Alaska Native areas/Hawaiian home lands. County changes since that date are not reflected here.

Tax Year 2009 Property Taxing District Maps
The latest Illinois county taxing district maps are in pdf format. Library, school, fire protection and other taxing districts are assembled by the Illinois Dept. of Revenue for each county.

U.S. State Department Background Notes
Background Notes provides information and sketch maps of countries.


Illinois County Index of 7.5 Minute Topographic Maps
This is the place to start if you don’t know the name of the quadrangle you need, but do know what county.

Maps, Imagery, and Publications (USGS)
This is the general starting place for USGS mapping.

Topographic Map Symbols
Produced by USGS, this sheet explains the symbols on the topographic maps.

US Topo
The new generation of USGS topographic quadrangles is explained here.

The USGS Store
When you’ve got your quadrangle selected and are ready to see what’s available for that quadrangle, shop the USGS store. Here you can find maps, Federal Recreation passes, scientific reports, educational materials, and much more.


Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Map Store
The FEMA Map Store provides a catalog and searchable database from which you can find online flood insurance rate maps for your community.

Illinois County Coal Map Series
Created in 1905, the Illinois State Geological Survey provides scientific information to government, business, and the public. The research and service programs encompass geologic mapping, water and mineral resources, environmental and engineering geology, geochemistry, and education. Their coal mines maps are what you need to study to decide whether you need to buy mine subsidence insurance for your property.

Illinois Floodplain Maps
The Illinois State Water Survey is providing preliminary and final maps on this site under FEMA’s map modernization project.


Atlas of Historical County Boundaries
The Atlas of Historical County Boundaries is a long-time project of the Newberry Library. Atlases for many states were published in paper before the digital project was finished.

Federal Township Plats of Illinois
The Illinois State Archives scanned the original General Land Office survey plats and has posted them to the Internet as the Federal Township Plats of Illinois (1804-1891).

Historical Maps Online
The intent of the Historical Maps Online project at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is to publish electronically the images of maps charting the last 400 years of historical development in Illinois and the Northwest Territory. The first edition of Illinois 15 minute topographic quadrangles are available here.

Illinois County Boundaries 1790 - Present
Click on a year to see the Illinois county map for that year, from 1790 to the last county boundary change in 1859.

Public Domain Land Tract Sales Database
The Illinois State Archives hosts the Public Domain Land Tract Sales database, which records the first purchase of the public domain from the government, by purchaser name or by legal description.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps Online Checklist
The fire insurance atlas is a gold mine for historical urban information. The Library of Congress has posted their list of the Sanborn fire insurance atlases and has some of the atlases online.


America's Byways
America's Byways are designated by the Federal Highway Administration under the National Scenic Byways Program. Information on scenic byways by state is provided as well as the historical Route 66.

Illinois Department of Transportation, Roadway Mapping and Graphics Section
The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has responsibility for planning, construction and maintenance of Illinois' extensive transportation network, which encompasses, highways and bridges, airports, public transit, rail freight and rail passenger systems. IDOT produces county highway maps and city street maps for almost every town in the state.

Illinois Highways Page
This is the complete guide to the origin and evolution of the Illinois Numbered Highways System. Each Illinois and US highway, including the Route 66 alignments, is discussed.

Illinois Route 66 Association
The Route 66 Association of Illinois is just one of the historic Route 66 sources of information.

The National Highway System
The National Highway System (NHS) includes the Interstate Highway System as well as other roads important to the nation's economy, defense, and mobility. State, and urban area, maps of the National Highway System are available.

RouteMap Illinois
Business planner, scout troop leader, student or tourist, "Inside Illinois" is information for everyone, providing a selection of useful information and maps.

U.S. Highways: From US 1 to US 830
This Web site is intended to be a historical resource, dedicated to the preservation and celebration of the US numbered highway system. One of the goals of this site is to show where the highways go and have gone.

Map Libraries

Map and Geography Library-Aerial Photography
The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Map and Geography Library’s aerial photo collection is itemized here.

Map Collections at the Library of Congress
The Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress holds more than 4.5 million items, and a growing portion of their maps have been converted to digital form. The focus of Map Collections is Americana and Cartographic Treasures of the Library of Congress, including their panoramic bird’s-eye views of American cities. These images are restricted to items that are not covered by copyright protection.

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
The online collection holds maps covering the current news, general interest maps for every area of the world, and historical maps.


Geographic Names Information System
The Geographic Names Information System (GNIS), developed by the USGS in cooperation with the U.S. Board on Geographic Names (BGN), contains information about almost 2 million physical and cultural geographic features in the United States. The federally recognized name of each feature described in the data base is identified, and references are made to a feature's location by state, county, and geographic coordinates.

GEOnet Names Server (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency)
The GEOnet Names Server is the official repository of standard spellings of all foreign place names sanctioned by the U.S. Board on Geographic Names. It’s the foreign equivalent of the GNIS.

Global Gazetteer
This is a worldwide index of cities and towns produced by Falling Rain Genomics, Inc.

U.S. Gazetteer: 2010, 2000, and 1990
The Census Bureau’s gazetteer covers place, MCD (Minor Civil Division), county, ZIP code, ZCTA (Zip Code Tabulation Area), and census tract files for 1990, 2000, and 2010. Not all geographies are included for all years.

Census Geography

Census Tract Reference Maps (2010 Census)
The 2010 census tract maps are posted here by county.

P.L. 94-171 County Block Maps (2010 Census)
The 2010 census block maps are posted here by county.

This intergovernmental project managed by the Department of the Interior in support of the President's Initiative for E-government,, or Geospatial One Stop, builds upon its partnership with the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) to improve the ability of the public and government to use geospatial information to support the business of government and facilitate decision-making. It was created to be the one-stop shopping place for geo-spatial data.

Illinois Historical Aerial Photographs
More than 33,000 aerial photos between 1937 and 1947 for all 102 counties are available in MrSID, JPEG, and TIFF formats.

Illinois Natural Resources Geospatial Data Clearinghouse
This site is the gateway to GIS data and imagery for Illinois. Available data sets and documentation (metadata) include: geology, land use, natural resources, and infrastructure. Compressed Digital Raster Graphics and 2005 as well as 1998 digital orthoimagery files are available for download here.