Employee Training and Development Videos Illinois State Library

The Illinois State Library maintains a collection of employment training and development audiovisual materials that support the training needs of state agency personnel. The titles listed below consist of videocassette and CD-ROM/DVDs. System requirements vary. For more information on borrowing these materials, please call 217-782-7573 or email islcirc@ilsos.net.

Titles A–Z

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- Numbers -

A quick review of the common courtesies of the work place, including handling introductions, making entrances, telephoning, note writing and more.

Each DVD focuses on a different Danger Zone (Hiring, Firing, Harassment, etc.) and, using a combination of dramatic vignettes and a panel discussion by legal experts, provides invaluable advice for dealing with employment law issues.

- A -

Management consultant Jerry B. Harvey illustrates the paradoxical nature of mismanaged agreement, describes symptoms of the paradox, probes the reasons behind the behavior, and offers strategies for eliminating collective decision-making confusion.

This toolkit contains video clips that illustrate behaviors of people who others can count on. The clips can be used to make key points in meetings and presentations or used as content for internal courses you are developing.

A comprehensive training program for new and seasoned supervisors alike and provides an array of tools for use in training sessions and as follow-up to help keep training fresh. Teaches the nine components of supervisory success; includes discussion vignettes.

In this 14-minute training video, Brian McNaught demonstrates how anyone can be an ally to create a respectful workplace that is inclusive of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender co-workers. The DVD has 4 important extra features including: FAQ: a personal story about creating a workplace that's welcoming for a closeted gay co-worker to come out.; guided imagery exercises; and an interview with the author.

- C -

The program explains how an employee’s personal accountability impacts long-term job success, then shows workplace behaviors that help someone become a person others can depend upon.

This video presentation by Russell W. Gough is based on his book, Character is Destiny: The Value of Personal Ethics in Everyday Life. Contains program materials for an ethics and character-building workshop.

Fifty clips from recent Hollywood blockbusters that can help students learn the keys to character development and personal responsibility. Perfect for character education, counseling sessions, and leadership training.

We're all naturally defensive to some degree, and nowhere is it more apparent than in our communications with others. This 19-minute video reveals five essential steps to sending and receiving messages non-defensively for better communication and effectiveness in the workplace. Package contains: DVD, leader's guide and sample participant workbook.

The cost associated with poor workplace communication is staggering. Employee misunderstandings in large organizations are said to run $624 per employee per year (or $62.4 million per year for an organization with 100,000 employees). This program depicts six common communication errors while providing tips on how to avoid them" --CRM Learning website. Accompanying leader's guide provides suggestions for group training. Reproducible worksheets are also included. Note: This disc has been recorded using DVD-R equipment and may not play in all DVD players.

A library of 39 video clips running from 20 seconds to three minutes on various aspects of communication.

This 8-minute program helps participants recognize their own biases, explains the micro-inequities that express them, and shares helpful tips on seamless coexistence. Package contains: 1 leader's guide, 1 powerpoint presentation and reproducible participant materials.

Examines conflict management with a step-by-step analysis for conflict resolution. Stresses the value of communication and collaboration and includes interviews with a diverse group of employees and managers who discuss their experiences with conflict.

You can't help but notice that almost everything we do now has a chance of being recorded, reviewed and presented to the whole planet. Without question, customers are making their buying decisions based on what they see online. This new kind of customer feedback puts service providers in a very vulnerable position, but there is something you can do about it. The video program shows how to avoid customer service problems that lead to negative feedback.

- D -

This 18 minute DVD teaches the viewer the subtle art of reading facial expressions, as well as the ease to which emotions are transferred from one person to another. Focuses specifically how on the emotions of sadness, happiness, surprise, disgust, fear and anger can be read and then transferred to others. Special features: Q & A with Daniel Goleman.

Conversations set in Diversity Diner illustrate the importance of valuing and appreciating diversity in the workplace. DVD-ROM capabilities are necessary to access the added features which include a customizable PowerPoint presentation and printable leader's guide.

- E -

Embracing Change was created to stimulate conversation. Using "person-on-the-street" interviews, you will be introduced to a cast of characters that not only share how we should deal with change but are required to put their thoughts into action. Fast-paced and funny, this four minute program is applicable for all levels of an organization, and will effectively set the stage for meaningful dialog.

Ethics is all about knowing and consistently doing what's right. This versatile program will help people in both areas. Employees learn that ethics is displayed in everything they do, and that everything they do counts. They see why ethics is crucial to their success in life and how it can make or break an organization. Included in the kit is a copy of the book Ethics 4 Everyone: The Handbook for Integrity-based Business Practices by Eric Harvey and Scott Airitam. A participant workbook and leader's guide are also provided.

Ethics Made Simple is a short but comprehensive workplace ethics training program that covers virtually every major workplace ethics topic. Make sure your employees are armed with the facts about what behaviors are unacceptable in your workplace.

- F -

Shows two different viewpoints for reacting to change—Bob's and Darren's. Bob shows a very human and understandable reaction to what happens. Darren offers some sound advice that helps Bob through his crisis.

Shows how successful leaders build relationships by focusing on others first, setting aside distractions, listening, and demonstrating that they care.

Using photography as a metaphor, this program explores how we give our lives direction and power, and encourages the development of visions to reality.

- G -

This chaptered DVD program includes the 17-minute video, along with 3 Extra Features: a shot Quiz, an FAQ with Sondra and a Video Case Study. The CD-ROM includes a comprehensive Leader's Guide for a 90-minute training session and a 45-minute refresher workshop, 2 PowerPoint presentations and participant handouts. Gateways to Inclusion teaches 4 skills for turning tense moments into productive conversations: manage your emotions; set productive goals; assess intent cautiously; communicate in a way that demonstrates respect.

- H -

In English, Spanish or Portuguese. Harassment is taking on recent forms and posting new risks to your organization and managers. Introduce your managers to the new face of harassment and show them how they can and should respond to protect employees and employ with the law.

Learn how to identify ways people experience sexual harassment and how to prevent harassment in the workplace. Includes interactive training scenes, PowerPoint presentations, and other resource materials which are accessible through the DVD-ROM menu.

- I -

Covers business communication and etiquette as well as social skills and nonverbal communication in the workplace.

Provides employees with practical advice on showing and getting respect at work. Covers harassment, gossip, common courtesy and tolerance.

This 70-minute DVD includes a leader/discussion/participant guide and handouts. The learning objectives include examining and understanding how nice, well-meaning people engage in "unintentional intolerance" and how to become more open-minded to new people and different ideas.

A look at how the convergence of two existing ideas or products can combine to create new ones.

Using real world scenarios, discusses what managers and employees should know to effectively recognize and stop sexual harassment. Answers some of the most frequently asked questions about legal issues in the work place.

- J -

Discusses the role of paradigms in resisting change and paradigm shifts in relation to effecting change.

- L -

Based on the book by James Kouzes and Barry Posner, this video dramatizes what it takes to inspire others to extraordinary achievements. Shows that leadership is not just a charismatic quality, but a skill that can be taught.

Leaders inspire people to do things differently, to struggle against uncertain odds, to persevere toward a better future - to get extraordinary things done in organizations. Te video featuresJim Kouzes and Barry Posner.

A video training program that provides an honest look at what employees really think about their leaders and how that affects their work. The video illustrates 2 leaders: one ineffective and the other effective in six key areas of leader/employee interaction.

An excellent resource for using movies to teach leadership lessons. The video contains more than fifty clips from the top movies of recent years, and fourteen aspects of leadership responsibility are presented.

Demonstrates six critical leadership skills that will inspire employees through difficult periods. The video realistically demonstrates both "wrong way" and "right way" leadership examples and the powerful effect they have on employees.

- M -

Shows "how" with the right training, service professionals can turn a bad situation into an opportunity for increased customer loyalty. CD ROM contains overhead transparency masters.

Identifies work place stresses and offers guidelines for reducing their impact to a safe level.

One thing every organization has in common is the need for inclusion and respect. Here is a practical tool that shows how to manage diversity dynamics and create a "respect-filled" and inclusive workplace. The video provides realistic scenarios of difficult situations and aids the organization by developing a respectful workplace.

Using humor and a variety of examples from today's technology-driven workplace, this updated program teaches a technique that enables team leaders to apply five key elements to both face to face and virtual meetings.

Features the inspiring story of Captain Chesley Sullenberger, the pilot who brought Flight 1549 to a safe landing on the Hudson River by calling upon the 4 Cs: competence, compassion, commitment, and communication.

Using his photography as an example, Jones shows how to reframe a problem into an opportunity. Perfect for any organization looking to open people's minds to new ideas and ways of thinking.

- O -

This 17 minute DVD teaches the viewer to identify optimal amount of stress in themselves, which is one of the five key emotional intelligence skills needed to stay highly motivated and engaged. Other strategies include learning how to overcome overly negative thinking such as worry, recovering quickly from emotional episodes, and how to handle disturbing emotions in yourself, your coworkers, and your supervisors. The film presents the strategy for addressing these issues as a five-step program. Steps include promoting self-awareness, self-regulation of the nervous system, challenging overly-negative thoughts and worries, recovering quickly from emotional episodes, and responding empathically. Special features: Q & A with Daniel Goleman; 30 minute PowerPoint Presentation; participant handout (Microsoft Word).

Illustrates how bureaucratic systems and procedures, however necessary to workflow, can get in the way of providing the level of service—and respect—the public requires. It's a valuable journey into attitudes and assumptions, a realistic look at the day-to-day public sector workplace that is full of customers anxious about the help they need and well-meaning customer service representatives hampered by inflexible rules.

- P -

This video program tackles the tough subject of stereotyping in a delightful way by looking at some different "birds" in the workplace. As the story unfolds, team members learn to recognize pigeon-holing, understand its high cost, and how to change the pattern. Trainees further see that by tapping into the full creativity of everyone on the team, they open themselves up to significant breakthroughs in innovation, productivity and effectiveness.

Discusses harassment in the workplace and how leaders can create a respectful workplace by modeling respectful behavior, communicating the organization's policies clearly and consistently to employees, coaching employees to avoid behavior that may lead to harassment, taking complaints seriously and responding immediately, and allowing no retaliation.

A training program for supervisors, using dramatizations of performance issues and how to solve them through positive discussion, not punitive action.

Through vignettes, learn to: recognize bullying behavior, know which physical, verbal, and social behaviors constitute bullying; speak up for yourself, stay calm, be confident, and state facts and feelings; speak out for others when being bullied to the bully or their supervisor; commit to next steps, review organizational policies, document actions and responses, involve HR or management, and formalize complaints. Includes the main program (17 min., 19 sec.) and a manager's module (4 min., 43 sec.). Accompanying CD-ROM includes a PowerPoint presentation and reproducible worksheets in PDF.

Covers definition of sexual harassment; potential victims and harassers; inappropriate workplace behaviors; preventing sexual harassment at work; and what to do if it occurs.

Covers definition of sexual harassment; potential victims and harassers; inappropriate workplace behaviors; preventing sexual harassment at work; and what to do if it occurs. Soundtrack in Spanish; table of contents and accompanying materials in English and Spanish.

Covers managers and their role; types of sexual harassment; potential victims and harassers; effects of sexual harassment; your company’s sexual harassment policy; and investigative procedures.

This video demonstrates problem-solving skills for workers in wide range of occupations. Key elements of successful problem solving, such as staying focused, collecting all of the pertinent data, examining the situation from multiple perspectives, and knowing when to ask for assistance, are highlighted. In addition, role-play, active listening, and a positive attitude are offered as proactive measures to help reduce the frequency and severity of work-related problems.

- Q -

This training program helps employees improve their customer service skills and create satisfied customers with every encounter. Includes customizable Power-Point presentation, printable leader's guide, quiz and training points.

- R -

In today's high tech world, customers are looking for the personal touch that creates a feeling of trust, as well as a willingness to go that extra mile. This updated edition gives service providers the opportunity to learn or revisit skills that will enable them to give efficient, dependable and caring service.

The key to building the kind of workplace, where the unique skills and experiences of all individuals is respected, lies in ensuring that each and every individual understands the part they play in the process. This program combines dramatic vignettes and onscreen hosts to illustrate the four things individuals must do in order to ensure their workplace is respectful and inclusive.

Produced specifically for front-line public employees, this practical training demonstrates how to turn a customer's frustration or complaint into understanding.

- S -

" ... based on the poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. This inspirational short program reminds us that even when an opportunity may have passed us by, we can still create a second chance. This program is about finding hope, taking risks, and awakening new possibilities." -- Back cover.

This program encourages audiences to focus on what they do want instead of focusing on what they don't. By having a positive attitude and taking action, viewers will be motivated to move in the right direction for themselves and for their organization.

The program describes/demonstrates the proper way to treat persons with disabilities.

Goodrich talks about the workplace and how different people of different age groups can work together by focusing on similarities instead of differences. Also included is a 17 minute interview with business executive, Don Tapscott, who talks about how to utilize the perspectives and skills of younger workers.

The Supervisor Toolkit provides you with high-quality video vignettes that you can easily incorporate into your own custom training courses. The clips are drawn from CRM's library of best-selling programs. Each vignette/clip runs anywhere from 20 seconds to 3 minutes and depicts a common workplace interaction involving a supervisor and usually, a subordinate. Suggestions are provided in the Leader's Guide for using the clips to draw out specific lessons on supervision.

- T -

Viewers will learn to improve team functioning and collaborative efforts, the strengths and weaknesses of four distinct team-player styles, and to identify five strategies for becoming a better team player.

This video defines threatening behavior and takes a look at red flag behaviors in the workplace. Viewers will be given a chance to test their own "threat detector" capabilities. The accompanying CD-ROM contains a facilitator guide.

- U -

This 12 minute DVD teaches the viewer three basic strategies for handling stress with emotional intelligence: Becoming aware of emotions, self-regulating emotions, and recognizing and empathizing with the emotions in others. Accompanying CD entitled: "Relax: Six Techniques to Lower Your Stress." Includes: 30 minute PowerPoint Presentation and Participant Handout.

This training video shows you how to apply fourteen key call-handling skills that will boost your credibility and the bottom line.

- W -

Examines the concept of a respectful workplace, built on equality, acceptance, and diversity. Presents a series of vignettes to illustrate how to recognize sexual and other forms of harassment, and who has the responsibility to stop harassment.

This DVD, based on the national best-selling book, teaches employees and managers how to tame a toxic co-worker by setting boundaries and how to reduce stress-related problems and interpersonal relationships.

This 5 1/2 minute program covers several behaviors that constitute workplace bullying, and ideas for its prevention. Bullying behavior can include isolation and exclusion, hazing, menacing and physical bullying, yelling, screaming and verbal abuse, taunting, teasing and much more.

Urges viewers to stop workplace violence before it starts. Discusses sources, causes, and warning signs of workplace violence as well as prevention strategies and the importance of reporting incidents.

- Y -

Presents a series of vignettes to show the different types of workplace harassment. Demonstrates appropriate resolution and preventive action for each type.