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Commercial and Farm Trucks



What if I have an IRP Registration and want a Flat Weight Tax Registration. Can I obtain credit?
Because there is no credit when switching from an IRP to Flat Weight Tax Registration, you may continue operations on the IRP Registration until the expiration date of March 31. You may then apply for the last quarter Flat Weight Tax Registration to coincide with the appropriate registration year.

What type of plate do I purchase for my semi trailer?
Semi trailer plates (ST) are Permanent and non-transferable. Trailer registration for semi trailer plates or apportioned full trailer plates is $19.00. You may also elect to purchase "T" apportioned trailer plates, but this must be pre-approved by the Commercial & Farm Truck Division.

What is a Schedule "G" and why do I need to complete this form?
A Schedule "G" provides an applicant's previous registration history, business plan, operating authority, and audit histories. This form was developed to assist the Field Services Division and assist the IRP division in determining the jurisdictions an applicant will be approved to apportion. All questions on the Schedule "G" form must be answered. Additional information may be submitted on a separate sheet of paper if needed.

IRP Renewals

I did not receive an IRP renewal application like I have in the past. How should I renew?
The office no longer mails IRP renewal application packets. If you have less than 250 vehicles, you should receive a renewal letter with your firm's number, fleet number and a PIN to renew online. The letter also contains the instructions for processing your renewal. If you are unable to renew online, a renewal can be mailed to you. If you have more than 250 vehicles, special instructions may be sent to the contact person of your company. Your renewal will be processed using a different format.

Do I need a 2290 Heavy Use Vehicle Form?
A current 2290 Schedule 1 form is required for vehicles weighing 55,000 pounds or more. The date on the form must be from for the current tax year (see renewal form). The name must match the titled owner of the vehicle or have a visible tie to the owner's name.

My truck is leased to a company but the file is in my name, do I need a USDOT number?
Possibly, if you are classified as a motor carrier there is a separate place for you to list the USDOT# of the entity responsible for the safety of your vehicles.

Why am I required to have a USDOT number?
The USDOT number is required under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation for Commercial Motor Vehicles that transport property or passengers in interstate commerce. The USDOT requires that all motor carriers have their own USDOT number to operate interstate. You may obtain a USDOT number by visiting or by calling the Federal Highway Administration at 800-832-5660.

What distance (mileage) do I use?
You must report the actual distance if you operated during the reporting period shown on your renewal form. If you were new on April 2nd or after you will be allowed to use the estimated distance chart in the International Registration Plan Manual for the jurisdictions that were approved on your original application or you may submit your own estimates for approval. You may use the Schedule E that is available on the Web for pre-approval.

What distance do I use if I did not operate in a jurisdiction?
You must use the estimated distance chart available in the International Registration Plan Manual. You may also submit your own estimates with your justification using the Schedule E on the Web for pre-approval.

Can I fax you my renewal application?
No. The office does not accept faxed copies of applications. Please use the Web site for online renewals.

Can the Secretary of State tell me what my fees will be ahead of time?
Fees are calculated based upon the mileage percentages and the particular jurisdiction fees and are not available prior to submission of an application for calculation.

How do I replace a plate that is damaged? Can I request a replacement at the time of renewal?
Yes. You may request a replacement plate by selecting "RP" on the online renewal service."X" must be placed in the box on your renewal form indicating, "replace plate". A $6 replacement fee per plate will be added to your renewal.

Can I add jurisdictions to only certain vehicles in my firm?
No. If you add jurisdictions, they will be added to every vehicle in your fleet. You do have the option, however, of starting a new fleet for specific vehicles. You may add jurisdictions to your renewal application, but you must submit a Schedule E to justify the addition(s). You must use the estimated distance chart in the International Registration Plan Manual if you are not required to report actual distance. If you have distance estimates that you can justify, use them when approved by the Commercial and Farm Truck Division. You must fill out theSchedule E Form on your own estimated distances. Operation justifications are required.

I received my renewal letter, but was not given an appointment.
No pre-assigned appointments were made this year. If you need to visit the Springfield Office to renew your registration you must first call 217-782-4815 or 217-782-4816 and make an appointment. Please have your firm and fleet number available. You also may use the IRP online renewal if you have less than 250 vehicles and are not making any significant changes to your operation.

My ICC/ILCC (Interstate Commerce Commission and/or Illinois Commerce Commission) number is wrong and/or missing; the fuel tax number is wrong and/or missing; my driver's license number is wrong and/or missing or my corporation number is wrong and/or missing. What should I do?
If you are processing a paper application, make the changes and submit the application. If you are using the online renewal system, make the necessary changes and complete the process to obtain your invoice. The numbers need to be yours and not that of the company your vehicle may be leased to. Illinois (domestic) corporations have a corporation number but will not have a listed driver's license number. Foreign corporations (out-of-state) that do not have an Illinois number may leave it blank on the application, but may be required to prove its Good Standing if requested.

Have the Commercial Distribution fees (CDF) been reduced this year?
No. The fees were reduced in 2006 to a 14.35 percent surcharge and have remained at that rate.

I just received an invoice for the 2014 renewal. Do I have to pay now?
The invoice for the 2014 renewal must be paid before April 1, 2013. If you mail the payment, make sure a copy of the invoice is attached and is received by the office no later than March 1, 2013. Please pay attention to any special wording on your invoice. A certified check or secured funds required means that your personal or business check will not be accepted without an irrevocable letter of credit from the financial institution that the check is drawn upon. Other acceptable payments include cash (in person only), credit or debit cards, money orders or cashier's checks.

I do not plan to renew for the new registration period. What is required?
You must account for your license plates, even if they have expired. You must complete and return a Request for Cancellation of Illinois Apportioned (IRP) Plates Form. Follow the instructions on the form. All forms or license plates MUST be returned to the Secretary of State's office by April 15, 2013, to avoid any further activity or enforcement action.

Can I have a renewal reprinted?
Yes. Please call 217-782-4815 or 217-782-4816 to request a reprint. You must have your firm and fleet number to request a reprint.

My invoice states Secured Funds Required or Certified Check. What payment types are acceptable?
Acceptable forms of payment include cashier's checks, certified checks, money orders, personal or business checks when accompanied by an irrevocable letter or credit from the financial institution and credit or debit cards. There is a processing fee of 2.35% for invoiced fees using credit and/or debit cards. Call 217-785-1800 and select option 6 for credit or debit card payments. Phone transactions are mailed. To receive credentials made by credit or debit cards, you must make the payment in person.

How do I obtain an SHV Permit for a vehicle?
If the vehicle had an SHV permit in the current registration year, it will automatically be invoiced for an SHV for the renewal year unless you remove the selection when processing online. If the vehicle did not have a SHV Permit in the current year, please indicate that you need a SHV Permit by selecting "SHV" on the online renewal. Fees for the SHV Permits will be included on your IRP renewal invoice. If you have already paid your renewal, you must submit a supplemental application for the vehicle(s) and indicate SHV in the appropriate column. You will be invoiced accordingly.

If I am only making a payment, do I need an appointment?
No. Payments do not require an appointment. However, for anything other than making a payment, such as making changes or corrections, an appointment is required.

I need to change the address listed on my file. What forms of identification are required?
You must provide a copy of the your most recent telephone bill in the registrant's name that matches the address. In addition, three other forms must be submitted to verify identification. Acceptable proof can be an Illinois driver's license (for individuals), property tax receipt, rental or lease agreement for the property, and utility bills (gas, water, electric, cable, garbage). If any of the documentation does not match the name for the registration, a letter of explanation must be submitted with the application. Address changes cannot be made online.

Does the Secretary of State's office still mail Apportioned trailer renewals?
No. Apportioned trailers are automatically renewed since they are permanent plates. You may submit a list of trailer(s) to be removed from service so that the license plates can be deleted from the system. Applications still may be accepted for replacement plates and/or cab cards. Reminder: These license plates can not be transferred to another trailer in their ownership.

I have left telephone messages but have not heard from anyone in your office?
The Commercial and Farm Truck Division usually experiences a high volume of calls. A return telephone call will be made usually within three to five days.

I have renewed my plates prior to the start of the April 1st registration year and have traded trucks. Can I transfer my plates for both years?
This can be done with the Multi-Year Supplement Processing. A supplement is processed for the transfer in the current registration year. After payment is received, an automatic invoice for appropriate fees is generated to correct the cab card for the renewed registration in the new year.

Can I add new trucks to my renewal?
Any new trucks added to your fleet must pay the fees for the current registration year before they can be added for the renewal.

Web Site Renewal

Can I change the name and /or address on the Web?
No. These changes require an application and supporting documentation processed by the CFT Division.

I renewed online, but now have changes; my invoice looks wrong and I may have made a mistake; it appears to be missing jurisdictions; it has to many jurisdictions; I submitted the wrong mileage on the system. What should I do to make these corrections?
Submit your invoice or application to the Secretary of State's office along with a letter detailing the necessary changes. A new invoice will be mailed to you when the changes are completed. Address, name or vehicle changes require supporting documentation.Information provided using the web renewal may be able to be reset allowing you to obtain a corrected invoice. You must contact the Commercial & Farm Truck Division at 217-785-1800 to obtain specific instructions.

The web site is not responding or I lost the connection. Can I get back online and finish?
Until you reach the invoice screen during the renewal process, you may restart the process or make any needed correction. Once you have passed the invoice screen, you may not change any entry on the renewal.

I lost my renewal letter with the PIN. Can I obtain another one?
A PIN can be requested online by following the "forgot PIN". PIN information will be returned to you via email to insure security.

Some of my information is incorrect. What should I do?
Any area that allows an entry or change will be clearly indicated on the screen. Any area that is not available for change may not be changed using the online renewal system. Per the instructions, any information that is missing or incorrect and you have the ability to make changes, please make the changes. It must be your information and not that of whom the vehicle is leased to. Please read all instructions and narratives for explanations.

In the past, I had a mailing address listed on the Web site, that is now not listed, or I have a correction to be made on the mailing address. What should I do?
Your mailing address may be changed without specific proof being required on the Web site. The address should be where your mail will be sent. If it is the same as your physical address, you do not need to do anything.