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Hearing Impaired

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Hard of Hearing License Plates are issued to any hard of hearing person with a Type Four hearing disability or as provided under Section 4A of the Illinois Identification Card Act.


Random-Number Hearing Impaired License Plates
  • Newly-acquired vehicle, first-time issuance — $196 ($95 title fee, $101 registration fee)
  • Currently titled vehicle, first-time issuance — $101 ($101 registration fee)
  • Current plates expire within 90 days — $130 ($101 registration fee, $29 replacement fee)
  • Current plates do not expire within 90 days — $29 ($29 replacement fee)
  • Annual renewal — $101 ($101 registration fee)

To Apply

  • One must submit a Secretary of State certification form for hearing impaired license plates that is completed and signed by a licensed physician.
  • The request can only be processed in Springfield. Apply in person or mail the proper documentation to:
    Secretary of State
    501 S. 2nd St.
    Howlett Building, Room 541
    Springfield, Illinois 62756


  • Hearing Impaired license plates are multi-year and may be displayed on passenger vehicles, trucks and vans weighing 8,000 pounds or less and sport utility vehicles.
  • An applicant is allowed only one set of plates.
  • Not available as Vanity or Personalized
  • Eligible for Benefit Access Program

Renewal Methods