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Secretary of State Telephone Numbers

As the largest of its kind in the nation, the Illinois Secretary of State's office oversees various responsibilities — including driver's licenses, archives, literacy, vehicle services, and assistance to seniors, veterans and persons with disabilities.

As the phone numbers indicate, the Secretary of State can provide you with a full spectrum of services. Please give us the opportunity to serve you.

Accounting Revenue
Springfield: 217-782-6823
Chicago: 312-814-2623

Administrative Hearings
Springfield: 217-782-3296
Chicago: 312-793-3722

Business Services
Springfield: 217-782-6961
Chicago: 312-793-3380

Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau Capitol Tours
Springfield: 217-789-2360
Toll-Free: 800-545-7300

Court of Claims
Springfield: 217-782-7102
Chicago: 312-814-5010

Driver Services
Springfield: 217-782-6212
Chicago: 312-814-2975

General Information
Toll-free (within IL): 800-252-8980

Illinois Adult Learning Hotline
Toll-free (within IL): 800-321-9511

Illinois State Archives
Springfield: 217-782-4682

Illinois State Library
Toll-free (within IL): 800-665-5576
Springfield: 217-785-5600
TDD: 800-965-0748

Springfield: 217-782-7017
Chicago: 312-793-2556

Literacy Office
Springfield: 217-785-6921

Springfield: 217-782-4783
Chicago: 312-793-5515

Persons with Disabilities
Toll-free (within IL): 800-252-2904

Secretary of State Police
Springfield: 217-782-7126

Seniors/Community Service
Toll-free (within IL): 800-252-2904

Toll-free (within IL): 800-628-7937
Springfield: 217-782-2256
Chicago: 312-793-3384

Spanish information lines
Chicago: 312-793-1338
Chicago: 312-793-1339

Vehicle Services Information Line
Toll-free (within IL): 800-252-8980
Chicago: 312-793-1010

Toll-free (within IL): 800-437-9824