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Record Descriptions – Drainage Districts

Drainage Commission Files

Files include correspondence, minutes, announcements, bills, reports, photographs, and bonds. Files concern supplies, construction estimates, drainage finance, bridge construction, inspections, meetings, engineering evaluations, and tax assessments.

Drainage Commission Minutes

Minutes of drainage district commissioners show petitions, appointments, oaths, receipts, bonds, bids, estimates, and legal descriptions of the property involved.

Drainage District Accounts

Accounts show the names of the drainage district and the bank holding the account; the source of income or the payee; the check or order number; the amount, balances, and divisions within the account; the names of the drainage commissioners and the district's lawyer.

Drainage District Bank Book

Bank book shows the name of the bank holding the account, the name of the special drainage district, the date and amount of deposit, and the monthly balance.

Drainage District Ledger

Ledger shows the name of the drainage district, the name of the sub-district, the date, the name of the creditor and the amount paid, with the monthly balance

Drainage District Record

Record made by a civil engineer, for the purpose of widening existing drainage ditches, identifies the township and the name of the drainage ditch. Also included are plats, showing ditch right-of-ways with the names of property owners indicated.

Drainage District Treasurer's Annual Reports

Reports show the name of the drainage district; the date the fiscal year ended; the balance on hand at the beginning of the fiscal year; the amounts received, the date received and the source, the total receipts; the amounts disbursed, the date, the order number, the name of the payee, and the total disbursed; a recapitulation of receipts and disbursements; the balance on hand at the end of the fiscal year; the date of the report; and the signature of the drainage district treasurer.