Abraham Lincoln in Illinois
A Selection of Documents from the Illinois State Archives

Documents 1-50

Abraham Lincoln in Illinois Introduction

  1. Portion of Muster Roll of Captain A. Lincoln's Company in the Black Hawk War
  2. Notice to Introduce An Act to Authorize Samuel Musick to Build a Toll Bridge across Salt Creek in Sangamon County
    December 9, 1834
  3. A Bill for An Act to Locate a State Road between Springfield and George C. Miller's Ferry
    February 2, 1835
  4. A Bill for An Act to Relocate a Part of the State Road Leading from Springfield to Lewiston
    December 15, 1835
  5. Amendment to A Bill for An Act Supplemental to An Act to Incorporate Subscribers to the Bank of the State of Illinois
    December 22, 1835
  6. An Act to Permanently Locate the Seat of Government of the State of Illinois
    February 7, 1837
  7. Report from a Select Committee concerning the Division of Sangamon County
    February 13, 1837
  8. Supreme Court Roll of Attorneys: 1817-1902
    March 1, 1837
  9. 1837 House Journal Entry on Slavery
    March 3, 1837
  10. Lincoln's Salary Warrant No. 256 for Service as a State Representative
    July 22, 1837
  11. Bond for Charles R. Matheny
    August 15, 1837
  12. Certificate of Qualification of Lincoln's Election to the Eleventh General Assembly
    August 28, 1838
  13. Endorsement of Antrim Campbell as Prosecuting Attorney
    September 13, 1838
  14. A Bill for An Act Limiting Justices of the Peace and Constables
    December 13, 1838
  15. House Joint Resolution concerning Purchase of Unsold Federal Lands
    January 17, 1839
  16. A Bill for An Act to Dissolve the Bonds of Matrimony between Nathaniel B. Martin and Sarah Martin his Wife
    January 1840
  17. Amendment to A Bill for An Act concerning Public Revenue
    January 2, 1840
  18. A Bill for An Act Authorizing the Purchase of a House for the Use of the Governor
    January 24, 1840
  19. Certificate of Qualification of Lincoln's Election to the Twelfth General Assembly
    November 18, 1840
  20. Resolution Notifying Senate that the House of Representatives is Organized
    November 24, 1840
  21. Resolution on Teachers' Examinations
    December 2, 1840
  22. A Bill for An Act Authorizing Certain Debtors of the State to Discharge their Indebtedness in Illinois Internal Improvement Scrip
    January 27, 1841
  23. Illinois State Library Register of Books Loaned
    December 16, 1842
  24. Petition to the County Court Commissioners for Constable of Coles County, Pleasant Grove Precinct
    (ca.) 1843
  25. Petition to Governor Thomas Ford for a Pardon in the Case of Samuel Smith of Sangamon County
  26. Election Returns–Seventh Congressional District
  27. Petition to Governor Augustus C. French for the Appointment of William B. Fondey as a Notary Public
    March 7, 1850
  28. Letter to Governor Joel A. Matteson from Lincoln requesting a Pardon for William D. Davis
    January 10, 1853
  29. Notice from Clerk of Sangamon County that Lincoln has declined to Serve in the General Assembly
    November 27, 1854
  30. Letter to Governor William Bissell from Lincoln concerning a Pardon for Samuel and James Jones
    March 22, 1858
  31. Petition to Governor William Bissell for a Pardon in the Case of David Thompson
    April 1858
  32. 1859 House Journal Entry on the Lincoln-Douglas Election
    January 5, 1859
  33. Letter from Secretary of State William Seward to Illinois Governor Richard J. Oglesby
    March 12, 1866
  34. Reminiscences of William L. Wilson to Attorney General James McCartney regarding Abraham Lincoln
    February 3, 1882
  35. Correspondence between Governor Richard Yates and Robert T. Lincoln
    May 20, 1901