Business Services

WARNING! A non-governmental firm called "IL Certificate Service" is contacting Illinois businesses in an attempt to collect an $87 fee for a form entitled a "Certificate of Status". Please be aware that corporations, LLC's and other business organizations in Illinois are NOT required by law to obtain said "Certificate of Status". THIS IS A SCAM! It is recommended that business organizations in Illinois ignore this solicitation and do NOT reply to the solicitation. If a business organization requires a certificate of status, also known as a certificate of good standing, it can be obtained from this website for a fee of $25 for corporations and LLC's and $5 for not-for-profit corporations.

Note the following procedures will be in place for documents submitted to the Department of Business Services:
  • Expedited and routine service document drop off is available at the Springfield and Chicago offices.
  • Please ensure documents are completed before arrival, as no area for completion will be available at this time.
  • Credit Card is the preferred form of payment at this time. Copy Request/Create a Payment Account
  • Documents will not be processed while customers wait.
  • Documents will be processed in the order in which they are received; expedited filings will receive the "Filed" date on which they were submitted.
  • Please provide telephone number and email address on the cover sheet available at the front desk, in the event our office requires additional information on the submitted documents.