Safe Driver Renewal Driver Services

Secretary White congratulates you for qualifying for this program by keeping a clean driving record for the past four years.

To Renew Online as a Safe Driver

Change of Address

If your address has changed since you received your renewal notice you must complete an online change of address prior to continuing your Safe Driver renewal. Simply complete your address change and return to the "Safe Driver Renewal" page.

If you choose to complete your address change online, you will be required to provide acceptable identification to verify your new address at your next Secretary of State facility visit.

Your renewed driver's license will be delivered to your address on file with the Office within 15 business days. If your license is returned by the postal service for any reason, you will be required to appear at a Secretary of State facility and present acceptable identification documents to verify your residence address.

Your application for a Safe Driver Renewal is an affirmation that you have read the renewal application letter and no situation exists that would make you ineligible to lawfully apply for a driver's license and that all information submitted by you is true and correct.

Please Note - If you are an honorably discharged United States veteran and wish to have a designation on your DL/ID indicating you are a VETERAN, you must first visit an Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs (IDVA) service office to have your DD-214 or other qualifying documentation stamped/certified. After visiting IDVA, you may apply to get the VETERAN designation on your DL/ID at any Secretary of State facility. The Safe Driver online renewal option cannot be issued initially as a Veteran designated credential. If your expiring credential currently reflects the Veteran designation, the renewed credential will also reflect the Veteran designation.

If you are interested in obtaining a REAL ID compliant driver’s license (DL) or ID card, you MUST visit a Secretary of State facility to make the initial application. The Safe Driver online renewal option cannot be issued as a REAL ID compliant credential. For more information regarding REAL ID and requirements; visit REAL ID.

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