Talking Book and Braille Advisory Committee Illinois State Library

Statement of Purpose

The Illinois State Library (ISL) Talking Book and Braille Advisory Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Illinois State Library. Its primary purpose is to aid in the improvement of library services offered through the Illinois State Library Talking Book and Braille Service (ISLTBBS), a division of the State Library, by:


Officer Vacancies


Criteria for Membership

Nomination Process

Deadlines: The deadline to submit nominations will be determined prior to the last meeting of the fiscal year. During the last meeting of the Advisory Committee in the fiscal year, the Nomination Committee will present its recommendations for the new Advisory Committee members to the entire group. At the first meeting in the following fiscal year, the new members will take office. New members will receive committee information prior to the September meeting.

Nominations will be solicited every year for vacancies on the Committee; no nominees considered for one year will be carried over to the next unless re-nominated.


Vacancies on the Advisory Committee will be filled by the Chairperson (or the Vice-Chairperson if the Chairperson is the one to resign). Advisory committee members, filling the unexpired term of a member who had resigned, will be able to serve a second term, if the unexpired portion of the second term is less than one-half of a full term.



Policies and Procedures

*During the initial three years of the committee, terms will be varied from 1 to 3 years so that a rotation of members can be put into place. One third of the members will leave committee each year. Names will be drawn to determine initial length of term.

Approved 11/20/03, corrected 1/30/04, revised 9/30/05, revised 6/16/06, revised 6/14/13, revised September 12, 2014.