Remote Access to Research Databases Illinois State Library

Many of the Illinois State Library's licensed electronic research databases are accessible from anywhere Internet access is available. However, remote access to these resources is restricted to current Illinois State Government Employees who hold a valid Illinois State Library card. Usage requires authentication by entering a 14-digit library ID number (located on the back of the library card) and a last name.

Over thirty research databases are remotely available, many of which offer full-text and document delivery via email. Due to the licensing restrictions of some vendors, there are several research databases that are not available to users from outside the library. Visitors to the State Library are welcome to use these resources within the library.

Access to the State Library's electronic resources is provided through the Research Databases webpage. Persons may identify which research databases are accessible remotely by perusing the Subject Category pages on this page, as well as the A-Z Index to Databases. Additionally, a list of research databases available remotely to current Illinois State Government Employees is provided below.

Browser Requirements

A proxy server is used by the State Library to provide off-site access to its commercially licensed electronic resources. This proxy server is browser independent and requires no special browser configuration—though it is suggested that the user set their browser to accept cookies (browser default) and that JavaScript be turned on (browser default). Any web browser (i.e., Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox) should work with the State Library's proxy server. As with any software program, a current browser is recommended.

Firewall Requirements

If you are behind a corporate or institutional firewall, you may need to ask your network administrators if they can reconfigure your network to allow access to the State Library's proxy server. Please contact the Illinois State Library by telephone at 217−782−7596 for specific information needed to address the Illinois State Library proxy server. If you are using personal firewall software, you may also need to make an exception for the State Library's proxy server. Alternatively you can temporarily turn off your firewall, but we can accept no responsibility for any attacks on your system while your firewall is inactive.

Remote Access Research Databases


For further questions regarding remote access to the State Library's research databases, please call the State Library's Information Line at 217−782−7596 or email