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OCLC Services

OCLC, headquartered in Dublin, OH, is an international, nonprofit, membership, library service organization dedicated to furthering access to the world’s information. Over 72,000 libraries have used OCLC services for cataloging, reference, resource sharing, eContent, preservation, library management and Web services. OCLC and its worldwide member libraries cooperatively produce and maintain the world’s largest and richest database of bibliographic information, WorldCat.

In 1977, the Illinois State Library (ISL) received a Library Services and Construction Act grant to incorporate OCLC into the ISL organizational structure, resulting in the establishment of ILLINET/OCLC Services. Over the past 30 years, OCLC has continued to be a leader in assisting libraries to meet the information needs of Illinois citizens. Funding and administration of the program is included as part of the annual budget of ISL, in accordance with the State Library Act, 15 ILCS 320 7(l), effective January 1, 2003.

ILLINET/OCLC Online Account Access

Use the following website to view or print OCLC statements and invoices:

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OCLC Services Contact Information

Illinois State Library
Gwendolyn Brooks Building
OCLC Services
300 S. Second St.
Room 515
Springfield, IL 62701-1796
800-665-5576, ext. 6 (Illinois only)
217-782-6062 (fax)