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Annual Library Certification Process

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Library Certification Web Portal

The deadline for completing the annual online library certification is March 31.


Annual library certification is required of all library system members. As stated in the Illinois Library Laws & Rules, Illinois libraries shall complete, on an annual basis, the certification process required to retain library system membership, system services, and eligibility for ISL-sponsored grants [23 Ill. Adm. Code 3035.135]. Examples of Illinois State Library grants include public and school library per capita grants, construction grants, and many others. Just as important, this also includes grants to library systems (RAILS, IHLS, and CPLS) that allow system member libraries to receive services such as delivery, resource-sharing, and communication.

The Illinois State Library’s annual certification process is accomplished through an online form. Steps to complete the annual library system certification are summarized below:

Membership in a Library System

Libraries that wish to join the regional library system and that meet membership criteria can be approved as regional library system members throughout the year. The member application process includes:

Additional Information on the Library System Membership Application Process:

Supporting Resources


For more information about the annual library certification process, please call 217-782-1891 or email