Driver's License/ID Card Publications/Forms

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50-Hour Practice Driving Log / Under Age 18 Applicant DSD X 152
Acceptable and Unacceptable Identification Documents Chart DSD X 173
Affidavit / Consent For Minor To Drive DSD X 174
Affidavit of Inability to Surrender Driver's License, Identification Card, or Permit DSD X 172
Affidavit of Identity
Declaración Jurada De Identida-Adffidavit of Identity - Spanish
DSD A 210
DDSD A 209
Application for an Illinois Person with a Disability Identification Card DSD X 164
Applying for an Illinois Drivers License or ID Card DSD A 175
Central Issuance Brochure
Central Issuance Brochure - Spanish
DSD A 301
DSD A 302
Certificate of Residence for Persons Displaced by a Disaster DSD A 308
Commercial Driver's License Study Guide DSD CDL 10
Customer Feedback - Facility Visit Chicago DSD A 220
Customer Feedback - Facility Visit Springfield DSD A 221
Driver's License Reinstatement Payment DSD DC 159
Driving Record Abstract Request Form DSD DC 164
Emergency Contact Database DSD A 222
Gender Designation Change Form DSD A 329
Homeless Status Certification DSD A 230
How To Read Your Driving Record DSD A 320
Illinois Graduated Driver Licensing Program DSD A 132
Illinois Driver's License and State ID Card Religious Accommodation Guide DSD A 296
Individual Residing in Veteran's Home/Hospital Certification Form DSD A 307
J88 Driver's License Notation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community DSD A 148
Medical Report DSD DC 163
Mobile Unit Schedule DSD A 314
Mobile Driver Services Facility DSD X 155
Out-of-State PDPS Contact Information DSD A 328
Parent Teen Driving Contract DSD A 211
Parent Teen Driving Guide DSD A 217
Protect Your Identity DSD X 165
Report on Civil Judgment Involving a Motor Vehicle Accident DSD A 309
Request to Change Residence Address of a Peace Officer DSD A 281
Request To Remove Suppressed Personal Information DSD A 276
Request To Suppress Personal Information DSD A 275
Road to Reinstatement – Restoring your Driving Privileges DSD DC 88
Secretary of State Facility Customer Feedback DSD A 221
Self-Certification Document DSD A 299
School Bus Driver Active Duty Form DSD SB 16
School Bus Driver Application/Certification DSD SB 2
School Bus Driver - Physical Examination and Certificate for Illinois DSD SB 4
School Bus Driver Return From Active Duty Form DSD SB 17
School Bus Driver Employer Notification/Removal Form DSD SB 3
Waiver of Fees for Disaster Victims DSD A 274
Waiver Request Form DSD SB 8
Withdrawal of Consent for a Minor DSD A 325
Vision Specialist Report DSD X 20

Temporary Visitors Driver's License (TVDL)

Flier - English DSD TVDL 21
Flier - Spanish DSD TVDL 9
Information DSD TVDL 4
Quick Guide - English
Quick Guide - Chinese
Quick Guide - Korean
Quick Guide - Polish
Quick Guide - Spanish
Required And Acceptable Identification Documents For Temporary Visitor Driver's License Applicants DSD TVDL 3
TVDL Appointment Document Checklist - English
TVDL Appointment Document Checklist - Spanish
Verification of Residency DSD TVDL 8