License Plates Publications/Forms

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Afghanistan Campaign Medal Request Form VSD 748
Amateur Radio Brochure VSD 202
America Remembers Brochure VSD 671
Antique Vehicle Brochure VSD 355
Antique Vehicle — Affirmation for Use and Condition of RT OPR 10
Antique Vehicle — Affirmation for Use and Condition of Expanded-Use VSD 846
Antique Vehicle — Expanded Use Request Form VSD 845
Application for In-Transit or Repossessor Plates RT DS 27
Armed Forces Reserves Request Form VSD 752
Autism Awareness Brochure VSD 813
Bronze Star Request Form VSD 754
Chicago Bears Brochure VSD 827
Chicago Blackhawks Brochure VSD 818
Chicago Bulls Brochure VSD 828
Chicago Cubs Brochure VSD 824
Chicago White Sox Brochure VSD 829
Collegiate Brochure VSD 553
Congressional Medal of Honor License Plates Request Form VSD 755
Combat Infantry Badge License Plates Request Form VSD 926
DePaul University Brochure VSD 727
Disabled Veteran Certification for VA Plates VSD 800
Disabled Veteran Request Form VSD 756
Driver Education Request/Renewal Form VSD 794
Driver Education Replacement Affirmation VSD 795
Ducks Unlimiited Brochure VSD 862
Eagle Scout Request Form VSD 746
Eastern Illinois University Brochure VSD 721
Education Brochure VSD 643
Environmental Brochure VSD 637
Ex-Prisoner of War Request Form VSD 757
Fire Chief Request Form VSD 744
Firefighters Memorial Request Form VSD 557
Gold Star - Affirmation for VSD 669
Gold Star Request Form VSD 760
Hearing Impaired - Certification for VSD 820
Hearing Impaired Fact Sheet VSD 823
Illinois Chicago Police Memorial Foundation - Affirmation for VSD 838
Illinois Chicago Police Memorial Foundation Brochure VSD 837
Illinois Fraternal Order of Police - Affirmation for VSD 834
Illinois Fraternal Order of Police Request Form VSD 833
Illinois Hospice Request Form VSD 684
Illinois Michigan Canal Request Form VSD 821
Illinois National Guard Request Form VSD 759
Illinois Pan Hellenic Brochure VSD 693
Illinois Police Association Brochure VSD 778
Illinois Retired Law Enforcement License Plates — Affirmation for VSD 875
Illinois Retired Law Enforcement License Plates Brochure VSD 874
Illinois Route 66 Brochure VSD 642
Illinois Sample Order Form VSD 158
Illinois State Police Memorial Park Affirmation VSD 873
Illinois State Police Memorial Park Brochure VSD 872
Illinois State University Brochure VSD 720
International Brotherhood of Teamsters Brochure VSD 876
Iraq Campaign Medal Request Form VSD 749
Korean Service Request Form VSD 781
Korean Service -Affirmation for VSD 782
Korean War Veteran Request Form VSD 758
Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Request Form VSD 747
Mammogram Brochure VSD 457
Marine Corps Request Form VSD 761
Master Mason Authorization Form VSD 558
Municipal Fire Request Form VSD 883
Non-Receipt Affirmation Form VSD 71
Northern Illinois University Brochure VSD 719
Northwestern University Brochure VSD 726
Organ Donor Brochure EX 9
Ovarian Cancer Awareness Brochure VSD 779
Paratrooper Request Form VSD 783
Park District Youth Program VSD 647
Parking Program for Person's with Disabilities Brochure VSD 574
Pearl Harbor Survivor - Affirmation for VSD 670
Pearl Harbor Survivor Request Form VSD 762
Persons with Disabilities Certification for Plates or Parking Placard VSD 62
Pet Friendly Brochure VSD 648
Police Memorial Brochure VSD 650
POW/MIA Illinois Remembers Request Form VSD 763
President of a Village or Incorporated Town or Mayor Request Form VSD 814
Prevent Violence Brochure VSD 529
Prince Hall Freemasonry Request Form VSD 877
Procedural Guideline for Special Event VSD 444
Professional Sports Teams Motorcycle VSD 848
Purple Heart Request Form VSD 764
Purple Heart Motorcycle Request Form VSD 858
Reduced Fee Brochure VSD 701
Request for Transfer of Vehicle Registration VSD 707
Retired Armed Forces Request Form VSD 753
Rotary International Request Form VSD 780
Saluting Agriculture Brochure VSD 717
Service-Connected Disabled Veteran (ISERVE) Request Form VSD 889
Service Cross Request Form VSD 787
Share the Road Brochure VSD 847
Sheet Metal Workers International Association Request Form VSD 771
Silver Star Request Form VSD 765
Southern Illinois University Brochure VSD 723
Specialty Guidelines VSD 815
Specialty Request VSD 702
Sporting Series Brochure VSD 612
Support Our Troops Request Form VSD 784
Support Youth Golf Brochure VSD 706
Taxi/Livery License Plates VSD 381
Tinted Window Certification VSD 704
Tow Truck - Affirmation for VSD 552
Universal Veteran Request Form VSD 766
Universal Veteran Motorcycle Request Form VSD 767
University of Chicago Brochure VSD 852
University of Illinois Brochure VSD 725
University of Illinois at Chicago Brochure VSD 724
University of Illinois at Springfield Brochure VSD 745
University of Notre Dame Brochure VSD 718
U.S. Air Force Request Form VSD 871
U.S. Army Veteran Request Form VSD 785
U.S. Navy Veteran Request Form VSD 786
Vanity and Personalized Brochure VSD 414
Vietnam Veteran Request Form VSD 768
West Point Bicentennial Request Form VSD 769
Western Illinois University Brochure VSD 722
Women Veterans Request Form VSD 839
World War II Veteran Request Form VSD 770