Secretary of State Phone Numbers Department

As the largest of its kind in the nation, the Illinois Secretary of State's office oversees various responsibilities including driver's licenses, archives, literacy, vehicle services, and assistance to seniors, veterans and persons with disabilities.

As the phone numbers indicate, the Secretary of State can provide you with a full spectrum of services. Please give us the opportunity to serve you.

Accounting Revenue
Springfield: 217-782-6823
Chicago: 312-814-2623

Administrative Hearings
Springfield: 217-782-3296
Chicago: 312-793-3722

Business Services
Springfield: 217-782-6961
Chicago: 312-793-3380

Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau Capitol Tours
Springfield: 217-789-2360
Toll-Free: 800-545-7300

Court of Claims
Springfield: 217-782-7102
Chicago: 312-814-5010

Driver Services
Springfield: 217-782-6212
Chicago: 312-814-2975

General Information
Toll-free (within IL): 800-252-8980

Illinois Adult Learning Hotline
Toll-free (within IL): 800-321-9511

Illinois State Archives
Springfield: 217-782-4682

Illinois State Library
Toll-free (within IL): 800-665-5576
Springfield: 217-785-5600
TDD: 800-965-0748

Springfield: 217-782-7017
Chicago: 312-793-2556

Literacy Office
Springfield: 217-785-6921

Springfield: 217-782-4783
Chicago: 312-793-5515

Persons with Disabilities
Chicago: 312-814-3676

Secretary of State Police
Springfield: 217-782-7126

Seniors/Community Service
Chicago: 312-814-3676

Toll-free (within IL): 800-628-7937
Springfield: 217-782-2256
Chicago: 312-793-3384

Spanish information lines
Chicago: 312-793-1338
Chicago: 312-793-1339

Vehicle Services Information Line
Toll-free (within IL): 800-252-8980
Chicago: 312-793-1010

Toll-free (within IL): 800-437-9824